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Going Big Red

I write about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Higher education. Research. Outreach to Nebraska. UNL is an incredible place full of interesting people doing astounding work that impacts the world.

And I get to work here.

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Jul 1 '11


Jun 21 '10

Big choices call for big thinking.

Why do students choose #UNL?

Value. Major. Scholarships. Activities. Clubs. Sports. Campus. City. The variables go on and on when considering the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or any other college. Because the choice of college is such a major life decision, it comes down to fit. Some variables will weigh heavier than others, but overall, your choice should feel right.

I think when Harvey Perlman, Tom Osborne and university leaders made the decision to join the Big Ten Conference ten days ago, fit weighed heavily on their minds.

Along with fit, their decision revealed at least two guiding principles we (and especially students selecting a college) can use when making such a big decision.

Get the right fit.

It’s not about going to the highest-ranked school. It’s about going to the school that will give you the best opportunity to grow.

"UNL alumnus Warren Buffett regards his rejection at age 19 by Harvard Business School as pivotal. Looking back, he says, Harvard wouldn’t have been a good fit.” 

UNL is just days into its Big Ten membership but already thousands of words have been written by university administrators and pundits alike describing the great fit of the university in the conference. (Here, here, here and here, for example.)

Take the long view.

The Big 12 Conference was asking for a six-year commitment. In the history of a university, six years is short-term. Nebraska was looking for more. You should too.

Yes, the first year of college is important and memorable. Try to look further down the road. What will the school’s experience offer after three years on campus? How about three years after graduation? Ten years?

College is about investing in yourself - creating more options for a lifetime. Take the long view for any decision you’ll be living with for a long time.

Talk to people you trust.

Perlman and Osborne asked the tough questions at the Big 12 Conference meetings. They also talked with key players back in Lincoln - people whose lives would be affected by their decision.

It’s easy to focus on how a decision like choosing a college will affect you. It may be more difficult to consider how the decision will affect the lives of those you love the most.

Those people want the best for you. Whatever you decide, getting their input should give you valuable perspective.

Get the right fit. Take the long view. Talk to people you trust. Oh, and take a look at UNL. It may not be the right fit for every student but I do think UNL is a great fit for students who want a major college experience that comes at a great value.

Go Big Red.

Jun 15 '10

I expect #Nebraska fans did a little Googling over the weekend. It might have gone a little something like this.