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Going Big Red

I write about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Higher education. Research. Outreach to Nebraska. UNL is an incredible place full of interesting people doing astounding work that impacts the world.

And I get to work here.

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Jul 27 '11
Actress and Omaha-native Gabrielle Union explains her love for the #Huskers in ESPN’s Fan issue.
Go Big Red!

Actress and Omaha-native Gabrielle Union explains her love for the #Huskers in ESPN’s Fan issue.

Go Big Red!

Jun 4 '10

New Student Enrollment. A big day for new Huskers.

New Student Enrollment begins Monday at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln #UNL.

It’s a big day.

For many students, it’s the beginning of going out on their own. For many parents, it’s a point of realization that their children are doing just what they hoped they someday would: go out on their own and seek opportunities to enrich their adult life.

Students, you’ll walk away from your NSE day with your NCard and your schedule for fall semester. Also take with you a plan to own your college experience. Look for ways to follow your interests outside of the classroom and make yourself more interesting. Most people never have as much time to devote to their own development as they do during college. 

And at UNL, you have an incredible set of choices. Start exploring now.

Go Big Red.

May 21 '10

Research. Now you know.

University research is essential to discovery. Discovery is what helps us better understand our world.

Anytime evolution is part of research, it’s bound to get attention.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln stream ecologist Steven Thomas is working collaboratively on a project that "is providing empirical data on how a species and its environment change in tandem." Popular notions that evolution operates too slowly to produce ecological consequences over observable time scales, such as less than 10 years, are not always correct, he said.

More on the project here and here.

Congrats on your groundbreaking work, Dr. Thomas. Go Big Red.

May 17 '10

College is an investment. You decide the return.

It’s high school graduation time.

Most students going to college have a plan for August. Most students going to college probably also have made their plans with the cost in mind. Most want to get a good value.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the undergraduate college experience is not meant to be a set of courses to “get out of the way” in order to get on with life. It is a time to explore your interests and go deeper into your understanding of the world and how you want to begin the rest of your life working in it.

We all want choices.

Earning a college degree is the best way to create more choices for yourself - in how you spend your time, how you earn a living and where you live. Your degree opens doors, giving you the power to choose from a wider selection of options.

Own them.

You (or your family) is paying for your college years. You should own them. Study hard. Explore hard, too. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has more than 400 registered student organizations. Start one. Join one, heck, join three. Read. Write. Work. Take photos. Travel. Run. Play. Follow your interests outside of the classroom and make yourself more interesting. Most people never have as much time to devote to their own development as they do during college. 

And put them to work.

The future is calling. It wants you to be more entrepreneurial. Whether you plan to start a business or you want to more effectively earn an employer’s or graduate school’s attention, thinking like an entrepreneur and focusing on your “personal brand” is valuable. In person and online, it pays.

The traditional four-year college experience is not for everyone. That’s always been true. But, all high school graduates should seriously consider it - even if they don’t consider UNL (which is a great value in higher education, by the way).

There is no better way to give yourself more options for a lifetime. As UNL alumnus Warren Buffett says, “Invest in yourself.”

May 6 '10

2,000 grads. 2,000 stories. Part 2.

Here’s another one from the May class of 2010

I heard a story on the radio a couple weeks ago about Fred Harvey, a visionary in the travel/hospitality industry. He was passionate about perfecting the customer experience.

It made me think of Kevin Sicner, a senior from Omaha graduating from UNL in Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management.

Kevin has a passion for his major – one that his fellow honors students occasionally ribbed him for choosing. Why wouldn’t a straight-A student select a course of study with a higher profile?

Passion, that’s why. Kevin has an interest and he followed it at Nebraska. Now, he’s ready to begin his career working with a company that may allow him to work all over the nation from Wyoming to North Carolina.

I don’t know what the future holds for Kevin, but with his degree from UNL and his passion for the work, I’m sure he’ll go far.

Congrats, Kevin Sicner - Go Big Red.

May 3 '10

Water. For food. For the future.

Water for food. Two really important words in that phrase.  Representing fundamental human needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy.


Who is thinking about water and food? I am. What’s for lunch, by the way? But who is thinking about water and food 10 years, 20 years, 50 years into the future, when the world’s population is expected to swell by 40 percent

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is.

Research at a university can often seem too technical to “hit home” for the average person. But studying the challenges surrounding the use of water for producing food is relevant to us all at least three times a day. 

And it’s especially relevant as UNL hosts the second annual Water for Food conference this week.

Apr 29 '10

Gates Foundation CEO to address UNL grads

Jeffrey Raikes. The man’s job is to give away billions. To do good. May all UNL grads listening at Commencement enjoy such work during their careers.

Apr 27 '10

UNL Commencement. A life-changer.

Earning a college degree is life-changing accomplishment. Which makes Commencement a big day at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

2,000 Huskers will realize that dream and become alumni on May 8. When you add the thousands of friends and family coming to bear witness, that’s a lot of hopes and dreams to squeeze into the Bob Devaney Sports Center. A lot of hopes and dreams.