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Going Big Red

I write about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Higher education. Research. Outreach to Nebraska. UNL is an incredible place full of interesting people doing astounding work that impacts the world.

And I get to work here.

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Apr 20 '12

More #Huskers love from @itsgabrielleu

I’ve been a Cornhusker fan since birth…”

Feb 10 '11
Sep 3 '10

A #Nebraska game day special post

This one is for all the students about to experience their first game day at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

You already know the feeling. You wake up so giddy you can hardly hold back a smile as you get out of bed. Like on your birthday. Or, the day you leave on vacation.

At NEBRASKA, that feeling means it’s game day. And it is a big day, indeed.

What is happening today, what you are about to witness firsthand as a student ticket-holder, will be the topic of discussion for an entire state and beyond. You are a part of something greater than yourself, something that touches thousands of lives. This is no small thing. Remember, one of the reasons you go to college is to connect with the greater world around you, and game day is a clear reminder of the connection between all Husker fans – and humankind – alike.

Now, while you may not be suiting up with pads and helmet, you are more than just another one of the fans who have filled Memorial Stadium for every game since 1962. You are a NEBRASKA student. YOU ARE A HUSKER. More than anybody else’s, this is your team.

So, it is only natural for you to feel invigorated as you make your way across campus to Memorial Stadium because nearly everyone you see is dressed in your school colors. As you find your spot in the student section, it is normal to well with pride as you see the famous Sea of Red pour into the stands. And when the band marches into formation and the cheerleaders cheer “Go Big Red” and Herbie Husker and Lil’ Red entertain as only mascots can, the phenomenon raising the hair on the back of your neck is simply the Husker spirit in full form.

Then the buzz rumbles. The HuskerVision screens flash. And the sounds of Alan Parsons Project’s “Sirius” get louder and louder. The crowd roars as the team completes the famous Tunnel Walk from the locker room and sprints onto the field. Game day has officially become game time.

Four quarters of cheering, singing, screaming – and smiling. When it’s all over, if you watch as the visiting team leaves the field, you will see what Bobby Bowden saw when he brought his Florida State Seminoles to Lincoln for the first time in 1980 and claimed a narrow victory: thousands of NEBRASKA fans standing on their feet and clapping for a worthy opponent.

Bowden remarked in a letter to the Lincoln Journal Star, “I have never seen people with more class than I saw at Nebraska. The Nebraska fans, players, cheerleaders, band, officials, coaches, etc., gave me living testimony of what college football should be all about.”

Go Big Red.

May 28 '10

Dear Old Nebraska U in a new swing arrangement by #UNL professor Eric Richards.

Video - School of Music’s Jazz Ensemble 2 performs Eric Richards’s new swing arrangement of “Dear Old Nebraska U.”

Videobehind-the-scenes video of the Digital Audio Recording and Production class at work preparing for the recording session of “Dear Old Nebraska U.” 

Go Big Red

May 5 '10

2,000 grads. 2,000 stories.

2,000 graduates. 2,000 stories. Here’s one from the May class of 2010.

She started attending UNL at 25. A single mother, Jennifer Korgie had seen enough of “real life” to know that getting a degree would make a big difference long term.

She also knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Korgie needed support from friends and family. Guidance from her adviser, Sara Yendra. Wisdom from the staff in the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid to help her find a way through the tuition bills.

And she hasn’t just gotten by – Korgie is one of the top students in her environment studies program. She took the challenge of pursuing a UNL degree, and she took it seriously. 

Now, after all of the time and energy and sacrifice, Jennifer Korgie is just days away from commencement. She’s getting that degree from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln – and with it, a lifetime of options for herself and her daughter. 

Congrats, Jennifer Korgie - Go Big Red.