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Going Big Red

I write about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Higher education. Research. Outreach to Nebraska. UNL is an incredible place full of interesting people doing astounding work that impacts the world.

And I get to work here.

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Jun 13 '13

7 Things About College

The New York Times published an article with 7 things graduating high school seniors should know about college written by the authors of a book titled The Secrets of College Success.

It’s the second edition (of the book and the tips), so perhaps the first tip ought to be try, try again. Seriously, though, some good points here.

1. You Have Control Over Your Courses

2. Every Class Counts

3. You Are Expected to Do a Lot of the Work on Your Own

4. The Testing Is Often Done by ‘Sampling’

5. College Papers Are More Than Just Reports

6. You Don’t Have to Pick a Major in Your First Year

7. The Professor Would Like to Help You Succeed

Aug 19 '11
Right where Nebraska belongs - on the cover of SI.
Go Big Red!

Right where Nebraska belongs - on the cover of SI.

Go Big Red!

Jul 19 '11
Jun 22 '11
Jun 7 '11

#LNK a Top 10 City for College Grads has listed Lincoln as one of its Top 10 Cities for College Grads.

Go Big Red!

Jan 17 '11

Y2 College in Y2011

"The central task of an educator is to ensure that students are learning how to make sense of the world and to understand their place in it."

A quote from a nice little article titled, “The purpose of college in 2011.”

Go Big Red.

Nov 30 '10

College choice, nutshell version.

The New York Times today ran a collection of essays from outside contributors on the subject of selecting a college in their Room for Debate series. Some valuable insight is peppered here and there, but above all, I think this sentence is the most important takeaway:

Students and parents must think hard about the type of educational setting that will best fit the student, and not slavishly follow the prestige rankings.

Second most important:

A summary of the findings from a long-term study of 6,335 college grads published by the National Bureau of Economic Research says that “evidently, students’ motivation, ambition and desire to learn have a much stronger effect on their subsequent success than average academic ability of their classmates.”

So, find the best fit for you. Then make the most of your time on campus.

Go Big Red.

Sep 29 '10

Advice for #UNL freshmen

College is your chance to see what you’ve been missing, both in the outside world and within yourself. Use this time to explore as much as you can.”

You don’t need a computer to take notes — good note-taking is not transcribing.”

Remember to take some time away from campus — from the demands of schoolwork and the trappings of the college social life.”

"Universities are places where facts are made…. A curious, competent undergraduate can always find work assisting a researcher."

"First-years are under an unbelievable pressure not only to succeed, but to excel in college…. [B]e comfortable with the fact that you don’t know anything. Nobody does.”

It’s great to see these gems in the news. And perfect timing - UNL’s Mid-Semester Check started Monday and ends tomorrow night. It’s the best way for new - and upperclass - Huskers to keep their semester on track.

Aug 13 '10

Commencement is all that and more

More than 700 #UNL dreams come true this weekend.


Earning a University of Nebraska-Lincoln degree is life-changing accomplishment. A dream, coming true. It doesn’t just happen. The degree and the dream become real because students take ownership over their experience. UNL offers the classes and the support students need to succeed. But it’s the students who make it happen.

Congrats to all of the graduates. You are giving yourselves more choices for a lifetime. And that is definitely worth celebrating. Go Big Red!

Jul 16 '10