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Going Big Red

I write about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Higher education. Research. Outreach to Nebraska. UNL is an incredible place full of interesting people doing astounding work that impacts the world.

And I get to work here.

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Jul 27 '11
Actress and Omaha-native Gabrielle Union explains her love for the #Huskers in ESPN’s Fan issue.
Go Big Red!

Actress and Omaha-native Gabrielle Union explains her love for the #Huskers in ESPN’s Fan issue.

Go Big Red!

Mar 31 '11
Jan 26 '11

#UNL alumnus Budig says invest in higher ed

Gene Budig (UNL ’62, ’63, ’67) a university president by the age of 34, led Major League Baseball’s American League. 

Today, like President Obama last night, Budig had something to say about investment in higher education in an Omaha World-Herald column.

Good to see Dr. Budig still has his eye on the important work being done at American universities. More on his life and career in this Nebraska Magazine feature from the Summer 2010 issue.

Go Big Red.

Nov 19 '10

#UNL students go to Buffett U. today

UNL business students can take a finance course called Investing the Buffett Way, and a select group of students from that class go to Omaha today to participate in Buffett U.

Each year, Warren Buffett (UNL ‘50) invites students from several universities to come to Omaha and spend a day picking his brain. Buffett, who earlier this week was honored by the White House with a  Presidential Medal of Freedom - the nation’s highest civilian honor, always extends the invite to his alma mater.

Donna Dudney teaches the course Investing the Buffett Way, or Finance 463, and she sees students get much more out of their audience with the Oracle of Omaha than stock tips. 

"When students go up to visit Buffett the thing that I’m always impressed about is a lot of the questions that students ask Buffett are not questions about investing at all," said Dudney. "They are questions about life — the mistakes that he’s made, the guidelines that he would make for students as they start their careers, and how he decides to donate his money.

Dudney talks about the types of Buffett thinking covered in the course here.

May 6 '10

2,000 grads. 2,000 stories. Part 2.

Here’s another one from the May class of 2010

I heard a story on the radio a couple weeks ago about Fred Harvey, a visionary in the travel/hospitality industry. He was passionate about perfecting the customer experience.

It made me think of Kevin Sicner, a senior from Omaha graduating from UNL in Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management.

Kevin has a passion for his major – one that his fellow honors students occasionally ribbed him for choosing. Why wouldn’t a straight-A student select a course of study with a higher profile?

Passion, that’s why. Kevin has an interest and he followed it at Nebraska. Now, he’s ready to begin his career working with a company that may allow him to work all over the nation from Wyoming to North Carolina.

I don’t know what the future holds for Kevin, but with his degree from UNL and his passion for the work, I’m sure he’ll go far.

Congrats, Kevin Sicner - Go Big Red.